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By using this service, you can from any web-address to get a short link. In addition, we offer a unique opportunity to make POST-requests.

Load in a frame , ext.text:

POST-request is specified in the format: VarName1=value&VarName2=value

POST-request - the request is passed to the site by post, ie transmitted data you see in the browser address bar, as in the method GET, the parameters come after the "?". This is useful if you want to use someone else's site to the search query or send SMS. For build of a POST request on the fly, use this instruction.

When you load the site in a frame, the final visitor will not see your link in the browser window.

You can specify the partner link, the service encrypts it, and turn into a direct short link that you can place on various Web sites, bulletin boards and forums. In this case the visitor does not know the original link, as long as no go for it. When you load the site in a frame, the visitor does not see in your browser, the resulting reference. Turning on the short link, the person gets on the same site, which is the original long link.

To obtain a short encrypted link, enter initial link and click [Make a short link].

Unlike similar services (,,
  • The resulting website can be downloaded as in framing the structure, and make an unconditional jump (301 can send the link juice).
  • We're hop count, which is available to you without registration. To find out how many clicks the link, enter initial long link, and press [?].
  • Ability to pass POST-request.
  • The ability to use the Cyrillic (Russian letters) in a long URL.
  • The short URL code is used only in the range 0 .. 9, a.. Z, which ensures trouble-free use.
  • Every link you add checks for the existence of the site.
  • When you load the site in a frame you can specify any arbitrary extra text to be displayed at the top of the site. Valid any HTML-tags than scripts.
  • You can login to the user to the site so that it does not recognize your login / password that will be transferred hidden in the POST-request
  • Conversion to POST GET request on the fly.

You can place a form on the site of generation of short references to it in his place the following code:

<form action="" method="post" target="short_url_frame">
URL: <input size="70" maxlength="255" value="http://" name="url" type="text">
<input value="Make a short link" type="submit">
<IFRAME height="200" WIDTH="640" NAME="short_url_frame" /></IFRAME>
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